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Finest Rice Wine

Shaoxing Rice Wine—Product of geographical indication

Shaoxing Rice Wine is a protected name. According to China government standard GB/T 17946-2008, one can only be legally labelled Shaoxing Rice Wine if it is made of glutinous rice, wheat, and water from the specific lake, Jianhu in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China. Pagoda Brand Winery is located on the shore of Jianhu Lake.


Pagoda Brand Rice Wine is made by hand, by people, not by modern mass production line.

Each bottle of Pagoda rice wine is a craftsman’s work with its unique personality.  The best rice wine is made at Dongzhi, through a minimum of 11 months of natural fermentation. the word "Dong" means "winter" while "Zhi" means "arrival" giving the literal meaning of the festival "the coming of winter".

Ben Mei

Ben Yuan

Xiang Huang


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