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Shaoxing Rice Wine Ben Mei

Perfume of almonds, with a hint of vanilla and honey. Both the amber colour and palate profile remind very much of sherry with elegant, subtle thus persistent flavour.


Caramel E150C is widely used in the wine industry. Different from others, Pagoda Brand Shaoxing rice wine Ben Mei is made of natural ingredients and contains no caramel colouring.


Pagoda Brand Ben Mei is bottled in fine porcelain, known as Longquan celadon. A type of willow-green glazed Chinese ceramic, produced in the Longquan region of China, dating from around AD 950. One of the most exquisite artworks among all kinds of celadon wares. If ceramic is compared to a crown, Longquan celadon is undoubtedly the most shining pearl , admired and appreciated by people all over the world. In September 2009, the Longquan celadon traditional firing technique was authorized by UNESCO to be included in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


See a large collection of Longquan Celadon in Room 95 of the British Museum, Sir Percival David.


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